Monday, October 16, 2006
Roadtrip: Georgia - Day 7, 8 and 9
2:35 P.M.

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Today my father is supposed to return home from Iraq.

We're waiting. Everytime the phone rings we jump up hoping that it's him asking us to pick him up at the airport...

Every time there's a knock at the door... we all rush for it.

The waiting..

is driving me crazy.

I can't wait to see him. I'll be able to hug him in real life, not just gaze at a blurry photograph sent via E-mail from Baghdad. It's been two years!

When will my father be home already??

Right now it's 12:45 A.M. Everyone in the family has already fallen asleep. I'm still waiting by the window. After being in Iraq for so long, he shouldn't return to a silent home. This is a big homecoming. I want to be there to greet him at the door.

I'm determined to stay awake.

In the meantime, let me post the final entries and pictures from my road trip already. It will give me something to do to pass the time...


Day 7 - September 29th, 2006

We arrived in Georgia after midnight. Heather called her father on his cell and he told us to meet us at a certain McDonalds parking lot.

I found that rather strange. "why don't we just drive straight to the house?"

"Because it's hard to find and the roads are dangerous at night. Deep slopes, cliffs, sharp turns and uphill dirt pathways." Heather laughed and added "I told you... he lives in the mountains, Clarity"


Her Father was waiting for us. When he emerged, I was surprised to see the All American Dad. He looked like he emerged from a Fox television special. The greying hair, the warm smile, and crinkles around his eyes. He had a good sense of humor and started to tell Heather to watch out for the deer.

"If you see what looks like little reflecters in the woods, slow down. Those are deer. They jump out at you and do some crazy shit" Her father explained with a slight southern accent.

(I pictured screaming deers that leap on your car and smash your windows with baseball bats.)

I'm from New York. I don't know anything about country living. This was all foreign to me.

The drive to their home stretched on for eternity. It was scary, bumpy and filled with strange turns. Forest surrounded us on all sides and the roads were narrow. I kept thinking "who lives THIS far away from civilization...besides maybe, Stephen King"

As we're driving, Heather starts to explain that there are three big black dogs on the estate. One that goes by the name... BEAR. Note: I have a massive fear of dogs. There was a steep hill leading up to the home. The wheels spun beneath us, spitting out stones and sand into the air.

The home was beautiful. He showed us to the guest room and we crashed for the night exhausted.

I woke up in the most comfortable bed, all feather and fluff. I could hear dogs barking in the distance and the sunlight was streaming in through the ivory curtains.

Then I heard a gunshot go off.

I went out to the balcony and saw Michael shooting down at a target. (a can, I think)

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I looked over the edge of the balcony and saw Bear. Our eyes met for the first time.

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Not as bad as I imagined.
The home was beautiful. Old fashioned and rustic

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The inside was just as antique and quaint. It was like a movie set for a Victorian film.

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It was so peaceful, nature surrounded us on all sides. It was so quiet except for the birds singing in the trees and the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze. Completely removed from traffic, commercial buildings and other people. They lived in their own world in the middle of the mountains. I think I could grow to love country living in Georgia.

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I loved the mailboxes at the bottom of the hill. (about a mile from their house!)

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We took a drive through the countryside.

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and we stopped at a stand to buy some Georgia Peaches...

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But later on discovered that even though we were in Georgia, they sold us North Carolina Peaches. Same taste apparently but doesn't sound as cool.

Heather knew that I really miss Germany, so she took me to a special place in Georgia called...HELEN

It's a little town nestled in a mountain that is modeled after a German Village. Everything German and it was in the middle of Oktoberfest

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It was a really unique place

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And it really sparkled at night

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Not quite the same as Germany though.

However it's the thought that counts and Heather is a great friend. She figured since I couldn't get back to Germany, she would bring Germany to me. We had a fun time. Then we went out for Fondue at the Melting Pot with her StepMother. It was such an fun night. The food was...there aren't words to describe it. It was the closest to heaven I ever came through the form of food.

Day 8 - September 30th, 2006

So..that was it for us. We woke up and did some shopping at a local outlet. Then we had to say goodbye to her parents. They are beyond wonderful. She has a great family. A lot of warmth and love.

I wasn't kidding about the bumpy roads..Here is some video footage of the drive.

I have a new vision of Georgia (and to be honest, my previous vision was pretty warped and bad.) This changed my perspective.

We hit the road and embarked on the longest straight drive home to New York. We kept eachother awake by chugging redbulls all night long and talking about everything.

Day 9

Home sweet home. We pulled up the driveway at noon. Eric came running out. He swung open the car door and jumped on top of me. We kissed like maniacs in the backseat. I missed him like crazy.

AND That...concludes my road trip to Florida and Georgia.

To my bestfriend, To Heather, Michael,Tara, Angie, Sheila, and Claudia.

Thank you! You are all amazing. It was truly an unforgettable week and some of the happiest moments in my life. :)

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At October 16, 2006, Anonymous Stacey 

I hope your Dad comes home soon. I'm sure he'll be there by the time you read this!

Great pictures! My cousin lives in Georgia. Maybe I'll pay her a visit now.

At October 16, 2006, Anonymous Mathias 

Hopefully your dad is home now, but I am pretty sure of it! :)

Did you two get my mails or don´t you have your old address anymore?

Please say hi to Eric, too.

At October 16, 2006, Anonymous Ricky 

Sounds like a really fun and interesting road-trip Clarity. Makes me want to jusmp in my truck and just take off. :)

And I hope your reunion with your dad was soon after this post. :-)

At October 16, 2006, Anonymous Jenn 

Hee. Stephen King actually lives on one of the busier streets around here. ;)

I'm surprised anyone was able to get to sleep. I know I would have been waiting up after having been apart such a long time! ♥

At October 16, 2006, Anonymous Sarah 

Make sure you get some sleep. When you wake up, I'm sure he'll be home. I know it can be scary with the not-knowing. It's a long flight and delays are common place. My cousin was in Iraq. They always changed his flight plans last minute. He might not have access to a phone right now to call you. Just have faith that he is safe.

At October 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

Great pics as usual, Clarity. Sounds like a fun trip. I hope your father is home now.

At October 17, 2006, Anonymous niki 

The apples in a basket shot rocks!!!

At October 19, 2006, Blogger Kathleen 

Beautiful house and I have to say that Bear looked so sweet! I would have hugged him.

And The Libertarian would live in the middle of nowhere.