Saturday, March 18, 2006
Cars and Music
This morning in town, I saw my dream car.

It's an Ente (duck).

I've gotten so used to walking everywhere here in Germany. It's going to be strange returning to America and getting back behind the wheel of a car. We'll have to start putting aside money for one right away otherwise we'll have no chance of getting around. There's really no public transport in the area my family lives in.

My first car was purchased for $1,200 back in 1999. A blue 1986 Camaro. I loved that car even though it had a little more horsepower than I could handle and guzzled gasoline. I have memories of washing it in the garage with my father (his first car was also a Camaro back in the 1960's) We spent hours just talking and bonding. I miss those days. It's been a year and a half since I've seen my father.


Eric, in particular, loved driving that car. I'll never forget his expression when he first saw it. As a child his favorite show was KnightRider, this Camaro was close enough. It also had a talking alarm system. I remember speeding down the Florida highway with the windows open, Eric at the wheel and "Der Kommisar" blasting from the vintage tape deck. I sold it to my brother after college graduation so I could afford to take my first trip into Europe. I haven't had a car of my own since. I wonder what my next car will be...

Well as long as it has 4 wheels and drives. I guess it doesn't matter much. ANY car will do.


Today the weather was overcast and more chilly than usual. The best part of the day was dancing around with Eric in the kitchen to his old Count Basie albums. His jazz albums are really starting to grow on me.

On the topic of music, I snagged this survey from Yeahimadork and Loopy. You just put your IPOD or MP3 player on random shuffle and see what song comes up for each question.

1. What is missing from my life?
War - Edwin Starr

2. Will I find love?
Sex and Candy - marcy Playground

3. Will I become rich?
Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta - Geto boys

4. Does someone have a crush on me?
You've got the music in you - New Radicals

5. What is my favorite sexual position?
Play that funky music - Wild Cherry

6. Am I good looking?
"Son of a Preacher man" - Pulp Fiction soundtrack

7. What makes me the most happy?
Closing time - Semi-sonic

8. What is my biggest regret?
Tub-thumping - Chumbawamba

9. How will I die?
Laura - Scissor Sisters

10. Do I act my age?
Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

11. What type of tattoo should I get?
What I got - Sublime

12. What is my spirit/animal guide?
What's new Pussycat? - Los Fabulosos & fishbone (actually fits!)

13. Do I like pain?
Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chilie Peppers (creepy)

14. Is there anyone else like me out there?
You can't always get what you want - Rolling Stones

15. Do I love to party?
Closer to Spice - Nine Inch Nails and the Spice girls

16. Where should I move to?
Something I can never have - Nine Inch Nails

17. Will I ever be president?
Fantastic - The Pixies

18. What is fun for me?
Butterfly - Crazy town

19. Will I ever learn to fly?
I would walk 500 miles - Proclaimers (guess not)

20. What is my super power?
Crash into me - Dave Matthews Band

21. Will I be successful?
I get by with a little help from my friends - The Beatles

22. How often do I get angry?
Rich girl - Gwen Stefani

23. What is my favorite thing to do?
Mr Jones - Counting Crows.

Some of them fit surprisingly well, some not at all. But it was interesting. I desperately need some new music, almost all of my collection is from the 90's.

We spent most of the day in the office working on a computer animation program. We're going out to a club in 45 minutes. I have to get dressed.

Have a good weekend.
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At March 18, 2006, Blogger Tara 

Your right Clarity, that was a great car. I think it's the only thing your father and I had a real conversation over. He was always washing, waxing, and fixing up that car. He had it looking pretty nice.
You were a bit of a scary driver though.

At March 18, 2006, Anonymous Amy 

That car is a Citroen, no? There is one just like it here; it's red. It's always down by the ocean, especially in the summertime. The guy who owns it has another Citroen as well, but a different model that is white. Other than those two, they are very rare around here!

At March 19, 2006, Anonymous loewenzahn 

My first car was a Charlston Ente, it was wine red and black and I drove it for 2 years...I loved that car - Enten really have their own "personality". Unfortunatly they re not produced anymore und you see them less and less on the streets. ( I think a duck is the opposite of Kit, really no turbo boost). Enten-Driver greet each other on the streets.

At March 19, 2006, Anonymous Emily 

That car is cute! I want one too.

I hate it when girls hit on Jake too. It drives me up the wall. I do the same thing. I look away.

At March 19, 2006, Blogger candoor 

oh, do I have catching up to do... I've been addicted to blogmad (a blog exchange community) for the past few weeks and thought of you because one of my new friends there is living in Germany with her fiance and I suggested she visit and read your site (so if you get a bit of traffic from my mention, hope it's cool :)

I told them you were one of the most beautiful people I met on the net...

which is true... so you might see a few new visitors :)

At March 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

My first car was also a camaro! It was a great car!

I have a link to share in reference to your last entry.

It's a dream dictionary, it might help you understand the symbolism behind your nightmares.

At March 19, 2006, Anonymous alice 

The first car I learned to drive stick in was a 60's Camero owned by a guy friend of mine. He was amazed that I got it right away, I probably did because I was scared to mess up his gears!
Thanks for the notes btw...the weird thing about the leg pain is that Iam used to walking, I walk everywhere, I think it was the 4.5 mph and 10 incline that did me in, and the fact that my shoe offer no support what so ever. I have friends that went on this hiking vacation and they got ready by walking miles around the city but they said nothing prepared them for hiking up hill all day.
Hope you had a good weekend!

At March 19, 2006, Anonymous Jenn 

"What is my favirte thing to do? Mr. Jones" That made me laugh. A couple of the others were really good, I am wanting to do this but feeling lazy!

At March 19, 2006, Blogger jkirlin 

That Ente is a SWEET ride. My first car was an AMC Pacer. The best thing about it? Every car you have after is cooler.

At March 20, 2006, Anonymous Janet 

I tried to post a comment elswheres but got an error message so I'm trying this. My dream car has always been a Citroen 2CV. It's what my friend Jana and I call "ugly-cute" so of course I think the Ente is beautiful (and it does look like a duck, doesn't it?).

At March 21, 2006, Blogger FKI 

Sweet site... great photos.. came from BlogMad.. good work!