Friday, March 10, 2006
I woke up this morning to the sound of Eric playing the "Dallas" theme song on his trombone.

We're so obsessed with that box set now. Eric is trying his hand at a southern accent.

"I need you now, woman"

"J.R. No..."

The drama level on this show is through the roof. Someone is always sleeping with someone else's wife, or has a huge secret that gets revealed. Blondie is always trying to hop in the sack with that cowboy. Bobby and Pamela are, of course, perfect. J.R. just gets more and more evil. Sue Ellen is due to commit suicide any day now.

I reckon.

Yes I'm giving updates on a show that aired on television 27 years ago. This is what happens when you move to another country.

Next week we might get "Dynasty". woot!


A number of people have asked about the camera I use. I wish I could say.. "oh it's a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II 16.7 MP Digital Camera". Everyone would let out a low whistle.

But it's just a Sony Cyber-shot

130$ dollar scratched floor model purchased a year and a half ago. I LOVE this camera. It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, and I carry it with me everywhere. It can also records movie footage. This particular version is discontinued. But I would recommend the Sony Cyber-Shot to everyone. IF you're looking for an affordable digital camera that takes good photographs.

THIS is the camera I WISH I owned...

That's a photo of the office camera. We use it for all of our reference shots and advertisement photographs. It cost 1,000 Dollars and was purchased 2 years ago. Eric and I have access to it whenever we want and I love using it. I feel a thrill just holding it in my hands and looking through the lens. I can't tell you how amazing this Digital camera is.

To give you an idea of the difference in quality. If you scroll down to my previous entry, you'll see the nature photograph. THAT was taken with our office camera. Scroll down a little further and you'll see the photo of the "Antiquitaten" sign. THAT was taken with the Cyber-shot.

The photos in this photoblog are taken with both cameras. But 80% of the images are from my cyber-shot because that's the camera I always have on me.

Okay that answers the question, Now I have a question: I was planning on eventually buying a new digital Camera when I return to the states. What kind of digital Camera do you own? and what would you recommend?


One last thing, Sometimes I forget how many people are reading this photoblog. I tend to be very open about my fears or thoughts without always thinking of how my words might effect others. I'm sorry about that. I was just trying to overcome my own personal hurdles and write out how my own experiences effected me.

I think my stance was misunderstood. Just because I don't entirely support plasticizing human corpses and displaying them in macabre positions for an art exhibition, does NOT mean I am against organ donation. Those are two different things.

My feelings on donating my entire body to science have changed. I was experiencing some fear and reservations after my gross anatomy experience at age 19, but I'm not anymore. It doesn't matter what happens to my body after my death, I was caught up in physical and earthly attachments.

Attachments that wont matter when I pass away. To repeat a point I had made in my previous entry: Why would I insist on having my remains cremated or buried, if it could give someone else a chance at life?

I have nothing but respect and admiration for those that have signed up to donate their bodies for science, as soon as I return to the states to renew my license, I intend on doing the same.

So in the end it was very good for me to write about this.


It's friday night and we're leaving the office now. It's nice that we're still working, but unfortunately we're not making much money with this current project.

We called the landlord this afternoon and asked him if he could extend our lease through the month of April. Since we're still waiting on the Green Card and we're not going to have anywhere to live!

He said he has a new tenant now moving in on April 3rd. So regardless of whether Eric's Greencard arrives, we have to seriously start packing. That's what we'll be doing this weekend.

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At March 10, 2006, Anonymous alice 

I really want the Fuji e900, its a point and shoot with 9mp!! Fuji also has this great technology that lessens shake and blur. Its over 500 bucks, Im watching for a sale.
I was so hoping that the leaf shot was taken with your p&s, the colour and the clarity of that photo are what I want.
Ive had a film slr forever and ever, but I used to have a dark room and it was much easier to develope your own film and then just print the best prints..once I have a house Im going to set one up again.
I just want a digital to have with me all the time for "moments"

At March 10, 2006, Blogger Crystal 

I have a Fuij S5100, and I love it! It's a point and shoot, but is an SLR style camera. I have full functions over everything... Even shutter speed. The camera is a little pricey (to me anyway). It normally sells for around $400 but we got lucky and found it for $275 (I can give you the web site addy that has it for that price if you're interested)

It has a 10x zoom, and you can use the camera manually or on automatic. Plus it has other settings as well. It's not as big as the picture looks, though it's to large to cup in my hand. But not overly large, if that makes sense?

If you want to read more about it, here's a web site that will tell you everything you could possibly want to know.

At March 10, 2006, Anonymous Emily 

I have a Canon PowerShot A520 Digital Camera, It cost 160$ and has 4.0 mega-pixels. It works pretty good. I want a new one though too.

Clarity, Keep in mind. There is a difference between being an organ donor and donating your entire body to science. What you saw in Gross Anatomy was full body donations. If that upset you, you can just be an organ Donor. Your vital organs will be removed after your death and then you can have a burial.

I'm going to be an organ donor now too. I was talking with my husband about this last night after reading your last entry.

you can read more here,1674,P2214,00.html

For full body donations you have to go to individual organizations like this one

Good luck packing.

At March 10, 2006, Blogger Nightmare 

I own a cyber shot that is over 6 years old. It is a nice little camera. But the one I use for real photography is a Minolta X-570 35mm. Yes it is film, and yes it is old but I have tried several other cameras and nothing compares with that least for me and my style.

At March 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

"No matter how advanced your camera you still need to be responsible for getting it to the right place at the right time and pointing it in the right direction to get the photo you want." -Ken Rockwell, Your Camera Does Not Matter

At March 11, 2006, Anonymous geekgurrll 

I have the canon ixus (or elph, I think it's called in the states). I used to have the 3.0 mega-pixels and loved it, so when it died, I purchased the 5.0 mega-pixel version. Unfortunately, I am not happy with it -the night shots NEVER come out. I bought my mom the 4.0 mega-pixel version because it's easy to use and upload photos and she carries it with her and sends me photos of home, which I love.

At March 11, 2006, Anonymous portia 

I was just watching a show on BBC America here "Top Gear" about cars and they mentioned that Americans and Germans have always had certain things in common. Love for: mustaches, mullets and the eagle as a national symbol. They were showing a car that was created by Americans and Germans "The Chrysler Crossfire" (which didn't turn out to be that great of a car when they tested it). They also mentioned the German who arrived in the states, drank the water and decided to make beer: Budweiser. Heehee. Hope you're doing good and Eric's card comes any day.

At March 11, 2006, Anonymous fifi 

I carry an organ-donor card, and I never think about it.
I would never leave my entire body to science! I had a medical student for a boyfriend when I was very young, and he horrified me with tales of what he and his friends' pranks were like, when they were doing dissections. Apparently he became a highly respected gynaecologist. Nothing to do with me.
Re cameras I think my Fuji Finepix F440 is as high-tech as I can handle. You haven't signed up for a free Flickr account yet? I post shots as "bootpainter", so you are welcome to have a look, and let me know what you think!
Your photos are always beautiful, it's not about the camera, it's about the person . Have a great weekend!

At March 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

i know who killed j.r!!!! want to know who did it hmm?give me a call know who this is and if you do not then i do not like you anymore!!!!

At March 11, 2006, Anonymous Rachel 

My sister got me a Canon Rebel XT for Christmas. She says she got a really good deal on it. It's a digital SLR and it's absolutely amazing! I'm still learning to use it and my photography is far from stellar, but I'm having a blast with it. Oh, and my family - we're all organ donors. The big thing is to talk to your family about what you're willing to donate because they're the ones who will make the ultimate decision. But it's thanks to an organ donor that my mother has a working liver. And I hope to be able to help someone else some day.

At March 12, 2006, Anonymous alice 

Crystal-I want to know the website of deals!!

At March 12, 2006, Anonymous autumn hour 

i know i'm a little late posting so i hope you find this... i have a canon power shot S2 IS digital. 5.0 mega pixels and 12x optical zoom. i LOVE it. i just posted some pictures of munchkin at her game... many of those were all the way across the field from me and you can't even tell. which is why i got this particular camera in the first place. i love it! but it's not all that affordable. :(

that picture of the leaf taken with your office camera is AMAZING. i love it.

At March 13, 2006, Anonymous grace 

hehehehe i have a sony cybershot too..similar to yours i think. lol

i wish i had one of those really cool professional ones...

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

Wow. You really make that Cyber-shot do some great things. I'm impressed. I just bought a Canon 30D, but I haven't taken a single shot with it. I'm really looking forward to spending some time around London with it.