Thursday, March 23, 2006
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I spent most of the day painting

I'm working on a difficult portrait assignment, some people are really hard to capture in oil. I just want to pull out my hair in frustration. Right now I'm focusing on the eyes..

I need to take a break.


This morning I received another reminder from my German dentist

"Don't forget to make a follow-up appointment. We haven't heard from you since December"

I wanted to write back: "That's because you tortured me!"

"Maybe you should just bite the bullet and go in to get everything taken care of", Eric suggested. "Our insurance covers it. When we return to America, we might not have health insurance for a while"

"But the experience was a nightmare!"

"But than you can just get it over with... it's not like the dentists in America are any better."

He doesn't understand..but on the other hand, He does have a good point. It's just that after my last visit (READ HERE), I had vowed never to return.

Would YOU go back?

I have 2 options
1. make an appointment for next week and return to this dentist. Just get it over with.
2. Wait until I have health insurance in America and go to the American Dentist...

I'm leaning towards option 2, but Eric says option 1 makes more sense.


One last thing..

I have a new toy...everyone gather around...

*see above entry*

You might be thinking: "What IS that?"

It's an interactive online chat room. 3Bubbles is currently under beta testing and I was one of the "chosen ones" allowed to place it on my website. I think it's a really interesting new development for blogs and online journals..

Real time chatting on a personal website.

There is no registration required, you just type in a nickname and start chatting. If someone else is visiting the website at the same time, you can chat together.

So go on and try it out. Type a shout-out, see if anyone responds. If I'm online, I'll answer. If I'm not online, I'm sure someone else will answer. Everyone reading this can get to know eachother...

Obviously there is no moderator. So everyone try to behave...Right now it's open to everyone, if that doesn't work out well, I'll switch it to registered members only.
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At March 23, 2006, Blogger candoor 

I'd get the dental work you need done done while it's covered by insurance - it's gross expensive and your teeth are too important... is there another dentist you could try?... in the states now, dentists knock patients out completely if there's a lot of work to be done... I hope it all works out ... great chatting with you :)

At March 23, 2006, Blogger Octavia 

I don't know how long the chat logs last, so maybe you'll see, but I chatted with Eric for a bit.
Very surreal.
Go to the dentists. Get it over and done with. This way, it's just something you can cross off your To Do list and focus on the really important stuff. But then if you really prefer American treatment...wait. But wherever you do it, it'll still be the dentist.
Urgh, the dentist.
Also in case the logs don't last:
Quick info about working yet not living in London:
There are places outside the center that aren't too, too pricey. Find a place that has a tube/train line to the center, lots of places will. More on that soon.

At March 23, 2006, Anonymous grace 

hehe i like the chat thingee. its fun..but would be more fun i guess if i did randomly catch someone else on there too. hehe

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Catinka Knoth 

Again, listen to yourself, your reaction. I had an experience with a dentist who, though very nice, I just found I did not feel comfortable with how he worked in my mouth. Feeling quite guilty about looking for another dentist, I looked anyway. I called one that been recommended to me and told him the story of my experience. He said that the problem had far more to do with communication and personal style than actual ability, that dentists were all pretty competent. I switched anyway. I couldn't believe the difference. It didn't hurt in the same way, just because of his manner. His dental technician had just as good a mouthside manner. So, either find a way to improve the relationship with this dentist until you feel comfortable and trusting with him(her?) or find one you do feel comfortable and trusting with. That connection makes a huge difference, whether you have insurance or not. Good luck

At March 24, 2006, Blogger Holden 

Eyes finish everything up. It's the only one that makes or breaks a piece of work.

(I hate doing the eyes, I really do) =P

Eyes are the only features I'll remember on a person regardless of how different he's changed over the years.

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Tenshi 

I love how Octavia says "ages and ages ago" (re: Artemis Fowel) like it really was forever ago and it was old news... I still haven't read it, and I consider it a fairly new book. I feel out of touch, suddenly...

Eric cracks me up.

FYI, that chat thing is really neat, and it's AWESOME that it pulls logs like it does. Let's give a cheer for the developers. <3

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous portia 

Gorgeous eye. If I can ever paint half as well as you I will be happy! :)

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous alice 

At first it didnt work then it did and then no one was around...

I can see Erics point with the insurance, but I can also see your point VERY clearly...I guess you have to gauge how much pain your in vs. going through hell at a German dentist or waiting longer and going to an American dentist.
I dont know where you live in the States but if you have a University near you that has a dental school it would be A LOT cheaper, Ive used them and there is a dentist in the room and they are probably more gentle than any other dentist because they want to do it perfectly.
Weigh out your options and see where you feel comfortable.

At March 24, 2006, Blogger Kathleen 

I agree with Eric, you might as well get it down now while you can. And if it's just a cleaning, that's no biggie.

I don't know where Octavia mentioned Artemis Fowl or why, but I have read all four books and LOVED THEM!

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous aut 

ugh, i hate the dentist. i don't blame you. i don't even go here! however, eric makes a good point. you should go while you have insurance. if you don't go, it could get WORSE. i say make the appointment, but make sure to take a few shots on your way out so the pain isn't so bad :o)

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous grace 

You are so talented! I would go with option 1. it can only hurt for a little while

At March 24, 2006, Blogger JulieU. 

As someone who is looking at a life without insurance in the coming months, I am trying to get all my healthcare needs taken care of. I agree with Eric, you don't know how long you'll be without insurance (hopefully not long) so I say go for it. Go to the Dentist!

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous kschic 

I feel the same way about dental work. I had a roller skating accident that required two crowns (equally as horrible as having a cavity filled). By the time I got done I had nail impressions on my arms and stomach for several hours afterward and could barely type or grip anything for the next 3 days. The next time though I was smart, I took benadryl and a muscle relaxer. It worked wonders (don't drive though). The benadryl just made me very, very sleepy! The needle is what I dread the most, how you can feel a pinching feeling all the way down your neck! And the taste of the topical deadener....ukgh! But I'd get it down before they get worse. It would probably go a whole lot faster!

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Olaf 

Hi Clarity. Let me just say this, I don't think there is a universal good dental system that allows you to arrive, get dental work done and then leave with a gleaming smile without any pain or discomfort. There is always an element of luck of the draw with a dentist and also with a particular visit, and of course the specifics of what service you may be receiving. Anyway, if I had the coverage I would just suck it up and get the work done if I felt like I might have to wait some time before having another opportunity at no cost.

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Emily 

After that experience I sure as hell wouldn't go back either.

Maybe you can look into a different dentist under your health insurance plan. It might not be any better, but maybe that dentist will give you more novocaine when you start moaning in pain. That's brutal that he just kept going like that. No wonder you are so afraid.

Cool chat box! I have check in later after work and see if you're online

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous TickTrix 

I have tried the chat box several times, but my comments never appear. I reported to bug. Have a great day!

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous TickTrix 

Oops ... I reported "the bug".

At March 24, 2006, Blogger khya 

HI there, that eye is looking good, i'm sure you'll get it finished, taking a break is a good thing to do, give your eyes a break nd come back with a fresh eye.
That chat thing looks like good fun, incredible how stuff is evolving, things just keep moving.
Your boss sounds real cool. To ofer you a place to stay, very nice of him, you can sleep on my couch if you want, but you'll have to move here first ;-)
I hope you'll get Eric's visa on time and that all this will just be for a couple of days. How's the packing going?

At March 24, 2006, Blogger khya 

It would be a good idea to go see your dentist again. I say that, but i've never had a cavity so i don't know what it's like, but better safe then sorry!

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Jen 

The chat thing is very cool, especially after I got it to work ;) Anyway, about the dentist. I know that dentist's suck (I work at a dental college, so I have first hand knowledge, I see it all!), but having worked here I know a lot about dental insurance and even though your German dentist is to put it nicely, a horrible man, if you have insurance to cover it over there, go for it. Over here, with "good" dental insurance, you mostly pay out of pocket and get reimbursed. If the insurance is outstanding, you still pay 20% or so of fillings and 50% of root canals and crowns, which is still pretty pricey. If you still want it done in the States, check to see if you have a dental school nearby, their prices are usually seriously discounted and they use the latest technology to put you at ease/make it less painful. Sorry to go on and on, just know a bit about the horrible thing called insurance :) Hope you have a good day. Still hoping that Eric's Green Card comes soon!! *hugs* Jen

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Meine-Kleine 

Hiya Clarity, sorry if I was discouraging to Eric... I think I've got something against America just because it made me FAT. ;) Let him know if he doesn't have one too many twinkie's he'll be just dandy! And GET THE DENTIST OVER WITH! He can't possibly be worth than the one I had before last!

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

Or WORSE. Oh God... is the lisp I had as a kid haunting me online, now?!

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Ricky 

hmm... interesting.

At March 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

oh no! the chat thingie is gone! Bring it back! It was really cool!

At March 25, 2006, Blogger MJW 

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At March 25, 2006, Blogger MJW 

Here are the books I recommended:

Amazon Reviews for Little, Big, by John Crowley.

In my opinion, Crowley uses words the way a master artist uses the paint brush.

Free online version of The Open Boat by Stephen Crane. Please read the first few paragraphs and see if you don't agree that Crane is so descriptive that you almost feel as if you are watching a movie. That is quite amazing considering he wrote it in the late 1890s, when he was only in his 20s.

At March 25, 2006, Blogger MJW 

I forgot to say that "The Open Boat" is based on a true story of one of his own experiences. Crane's ship sank while he was returning to Florida from Cuba in 1896.