Friday, April 07, 2006
A New Home
Here is the view from the bedroom window in our new temporary home...

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We went from living in a top story apartment in the middle of town with a view of all the little German rooftops to... underground location.

It's so strange blinking open my eyes in the morning and having 3 huge windows stretching before me with a view of grass, dirt and tree stumps.

It's hard to describe where we're living right now. The only comparison I can come up with is that hidden bunker they discovered in season 2 of the Television show "LOST"

But let me backtrack...

I left off on Tuesday when our boss was waiting for us outside our apartment building. We had handed in the keys. We had said our final goodbye to our evil landlord, bitchy neighbors and our previous life. The door locked shut behind us and that was the end of a three and a half year chapter of our existance.

When I stepped into the car, I didn't even look back. We had enjoyed that flat, it was the perfect home for two fresh college graduates. But it's time to move on.


We drove past old-fashioned wrought iron gates, down a winding driveway leading to a house nestled in the trees.

We followed our boss into the house and down a flight of stairs into the basement.

I figured we were going to be thrown into a musty concrete basement with the cockroaches and rats. There would be the distinct odor of mildew and dust. I didn't expect to see any windows... My expectations were pretty low.

I was surprised.

The first thing I noticed were the big windows...then I saw the bed.. Then I saw some of our furniture. OUR OWN FURNITURE!

It turns out our boss took some of our belongings off of the street and set it up in his basement so we would feel more at home. There was our glass coffee table, our art table, and cabinets. My jaw dropped open. My eyes filled with tears because I was so moved by what he had done for us. I couldn't even find the words. Our boss is nothing short of amazing.

There was also table with a television set, and a stereo in the corner. Everything was arranged with such love and looked incredibly cozy.

Then he led us to another room with a kitchen area. Refridgerater, microwave, freezer, cabinets, washing machine. There were two other rooms and a hallway that led to a separate entrance/exit.

The bathroom surprised me the most. We have our own toilet, sink, big shower and...a sauna. (!!)

"I think we just moved up in the world", Eric said laughing "And we thought we'd be downgrading..."


There is a garden in the backyard, and in the morning we hear sheep now instead of the Churchbells. The distant baaaaing sound made me start laughing this morning. so strange! What a difference.

I like sitting in the lanai in the mornings with Eric and a cup of coffee. It's such a change of pace.

Here are some pictures of the garden in the backyard

They have a blue shed that is the perfect little hide-away...

I would have loved to have a homemade tree house like that as a child..

What I love most are the flowers everywhere

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What makes this garden distinctly German is the creepy little garden gnomes peering at you from every corner...

This is a nice place to be right now. It's making our transition easier. It's a relaxing environment and rather beautiful. We can just lay on the grass and stare up at the passing clouds on the weekends.

The only negative point is our lack of telephone and internet connection. I've been really disconnected from my family and friends in the states this week. I didn't realize how much I had depended on those two things to communicate with everyone outside of Germany.

As wonderful as it is here, I'm hoping our stay is short. Now we're just WAITING for Eric's Green Card so we can leave the country. We've decided to wait only one more week (we're right in the middle of a big assignment at work) and then we're going to pay the 300 Euros for train tickets to the American Embassy. Maybe if we go there in person it will get the ball rolling a little faster. Right now we're just forwarded to an automatic message service every time we call. I have this fear that we've just been shoved in the bottom of a pile and forgotten entirely.


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At April 08, 2006, Blogger Lisa 

That's not limbo, that's paradise! Wow. You landed on your feet, kid. Here's hoping for a repeat performance when you get where you're going.

At April 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

Beautiful pics.!! I'm happy to hear that things are working out for you guys and I have my fingers crossed for your Green Card coming in soon!

At April 08, 2006, Anonymous autum 

your boss is awesome!!! yay!! good to see an update, too. i missed them :o)

At April 08, 2006, Anonymous autum 

your boss is awesome!!! yay!! good to see an update, too. i missed them :o)

At April 08, 2006, Anonymous Acorn 

Clarity, what Heaven you've got yourselves into! It's like a sweet paradise for y'all to rest your weary souls.

At April 08, 2006, Blogger christina 

Wow, what a great place to relax while you get things all wrapped up. Actually, our back yard kind of looks like that but sometimes I fail to appreciate what we have.

Hopefully the green card will arrive before you have to shell out for train tickets. I'm sure that money could go towards other important things. Embassies and such can be so hard to deal with.

At April 08, 2006, Anonymous becks 

Your boss is SO amazing! What a great thing to do for you guys, and I'm glad that your temporary abode is so nice. ;) I'll keep my fingers crossed for that Green Card, though!

At April 09, 2006, Blogger Crystal 

The place looks and sounds awesome! I want to move there too! :) You have an amazing boss, in case you didn't know that already.

I'm glad you updated. I kept checking in hoping I'd see one. I missed you.

At April 09, 2006, Blogger Tara 

In responce to your comment on my blog...

Yes, Clarity, you're right. I DO Rock.

And Yes, Eddie does stare at the clock. Only he thinks:
"That's a fine suit, too bad its wasted on that fucked up looking dog. If I had a suit like that, Oh... the tail I would get!!"

Eddie's a bit of an egomaniac.

Sometimes he can be downright rude. But once you get to know him, he's OK.

At April 09, 2006, Anonymous Jenn 

I'm so glad you are having a decent time where you're staying. Being without the internet must really suck. I'd be a little lost without mine! Also, I really love that photo of the tree... the one just above the blue door photo. ♥

At April 09, 2006, Blogger Nightmare 

Sweet Jesus Your Boss is AWESOME!

At April 10, 2006, Blogger Holden 

You are fortunate. that's a lot of great space you have =)

it's SO rare to find THAT kind of space in a home in Singapore cos land is so limited (hence, Expensive) unless you're rich n can afford to live on landed (private) property.

At April 10, 2006, Anonymous Vicola 

How lovely is his garden! I would love to have a garden that big and rambling and your boss sounds like a real gem. Glad you've landed on your feet and here's hoping it's the first good suprise of many, love Vicola

At April 10, 2006, Blogger Octavia 

They discover a bunker?!
And here was the word that the hatch had some weirdo guy playing with toys and making Locke all paranoid.
As soon as that season finishes and goes out, I am getting it SHIPPED TO ME.
Damn the weird arrayment in which things get shown on TV in different continents.

The photos of the place where you're staying now are gorgeous...and your boss sounds like a damn great guy. Here's hoping the green card thing gets sorted soon. :)

At April 10, 2006, Anonymous Amy 

Wow, that place is lovely! I really like the flowers. (And the gnome). How nice of your boss to set it up with your own things, too!

At April 10, 2006, Anonymous grace 

You would not believe how badly I want that Lawn Gnome. I collect them and set them up in our living-room, partially to annoy my husband. I want it I want it I want it

At April 10, 2006, Anonymous niki 

Hey girl! What an awesome first step in you new life! A rockin boss who is sentimental, a beautiful backyard to find solace in, and what sounds like a super hott bathroom! I really loved the snapshots as usual. I am still working on getting my photo blog set up. *argh* But at least I can still write! ;) I really hope the green card situation clears up fast!

At April 10, 2006, Anonymous niki 

Hey girl! What a fantastic start to your new life! A rockin sentimental boss, a beautiful backyard garden to find solace in, and what sounds like a super hott bathroom! Love the snaps as well of your life. I am still trying to get my photo blog to work. *argh* At least I can still share my writing. ;) I really hope the green card situation is over with soon for guys.

At April 10, 2006, Anonymous ricky 

Gnomes scare me....and yeah, thats pretty cool of your boss....

At April 10, 2006, Blogger candoor 

what goes around does come around - and I'm so happy some of the goodness you and that great guy of yours share is coming back around to you... immigration sucks, they take forever to dot an i and require three meetings and a ressurection to cross a t, but you're safe, comfy, and together and that's what matters most... enjoy your every moment now - you'll both be back in the rat race that is the U.S.A. soon enough :)

At April 11, 2006, Blogger Kathleen 

Please give your boss a big hug for me. ;-) I think it's so fabulous that he rescued some of your stuff from the street. I just wish he had saved some of your artwork. I for one would send you big bucks for a Clarity Original. ;-)

My fingers are crossed constantly for that damn Green Card to show up.