Monday, January 23, 2006
This morning I woke up to the sound of rain pounding on the roof of the house and a distant meowing sound. I sat up and froze. The pitiful meowing was coming from outside the bedroom window.

I opened the blinds and came face to face with Michael. He was peering at me from the other side, completely soaked to the bone and his eyes wide.

I ran to the front door and after a ten second pause, Michael appeared and strolled inside. All his puffy fur was matted down to his drenched body but the tufts of wet fur on his forehead were sticking up straight. I felt pity and the awful desire to burst into laughter. He knows he's not supposed to go outside. I don't know when he managed to sneak out.

He looked like a huge drowned rat and rather pissed off to boot.

I started drying him off with a towel, but he indignantly just shook himself and then went to go eat. I guess he was trying to salvage whatever pride he had left.

He keeps sneezing. Our poor kitty.


While I'm on the subject of pets. Kiosh requested a collage of Percy pictures. So here you go:

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Eric: Our phone call last night really put things in the right perspective for me. Thank you. Whenever I'm stressed out by circumstances, just hearing your voice instantly calms me. I love you...
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At January 23, 2006, Blogger Crystal 

I sat here staring at that picture with Percy and his tongue sticking out. It took me forever to figure out what that was!

At January 23, 2006, Anonymous TB 

Wow. You take great photos and your dog is adorable.

At January 23, 2006, Anonymous Eric 

Hearing your voice today was so wonderful-all chipper. I love you.
Dude (I mean Dudette)I want that Colage as a huge Poster!!!!! wouldn't the be cool!!!? (are those pics really unphotoshopped, looks all liquified)
But were is your camera when you really need it. I wish I could see michael all indignant and wet.
Love You

At January 23, 2006, Blogger Nightmare 


At January 23, 2006, Anonymous Tenshi 

lmfao... hah! Nice pics. I'm so sleepy, I'm heading to bed. I'm getting very exhausted of being pregnant. :\ (Keegan, get OUT!!!)

At January 23, 2006, Anonymous Olaf 

Now that is one smart looking dog! Weren't you just saying recently how dull witted and old mannish he is? (Not that I identify with him or anything.) :-) Olaf.

At January 24, 2006, Anonymous Steph (Khya) 

Hi hi, your dog is sooo funny and cute. He has a nice array of expressions too, the best, the one with his tongue sticking out, adorable and hilarious at the same time! As for Michael, like Eric, I'd have loved to see that, a wet and indignant cat must look real funny, poor thing.

At January 24, 2006, Anonymous alice 

I want a pug very badly.
I got J to agree that we would call it Doug. Doug the Pug.
Then we would go to Prince Edward Island and bring him to a bar and we would sing "This is Doug the Pug, he's a big fat lug and he's in Prince Edward Island."
Because being Canadian means I know lyrics to some Stompin' Tom Connors.
and I like hockey.
I like the one where he looks like a smiling popeye.

At January 24, 2006, Blogger Kathleen 

Perhaps Michael will think twice next time the door is open and the outside looking so inviting...goofball cat!

Percy is so darn cute!!!

At January 24, 2006, Anonymous Kiosh 

I love love love love love love love love love love love Percy! He's my favourite dog ever! Thanks so so much for brightening up this sick day with some Percy goodness! =0) Hugs!

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