Friday, January 20, 2006
My Brother
Things are running a lot more smoothly than they were yesterday.

This morning was completely different, No tears, no tripping, no "lopsided hair", no drama. I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Last night after studying with my younger sister, signing some permission forms and helping her with a great deal of homework. (I don't remember having had that many assignments at her age!) Amber and I lay in my parent's bed and just chatted together most of the night. She told me about all the dramas in her school, the gossip about her teachers and friends, Her favorite movies, her favorite music, games, and we were both laughing.

The concerns of a ten year old are kind of refreshing to get lost in. It's like stepping into a time machine and flashing back to the early 90's and late eighties...


I've been spending a lot of time with my little brother today

Sitting together in the front room while he plays the guitar and just discussing life. I really treasure these moments. It's hard to explain how you don't fully appreciate the company of someone until it's taken away from you for 2 and a half years. After that you're just grateful for every minute.

He learned "Better together" by Jack Johnson because he knows I love that song. I took some pictures this morning of him playing the guitar...

I don't think he realizes how proud I am of him. He's overcome so many odds. It didn't make him a bitter and angry person. He still has the same compassion and understanding in his warm brown eyes.

Eric: Check back in later on tonight, I'm going to post a pic of the new computer for you. I love you...

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At January 20, 2006, Anonymous alice 

Its funny you should say how much homework your sister has, my bestfriends son is a year older and since grade 3 or 4 he has had atleast an hour of homework a night. The teacher even sent home a note to everyone saying that they would! Im fairly sure when I was that age my home work was maybe 20 minutes worth if that, usually I just finished it in school!
You can see the same warmth and kindness in your brothers eyes as you have in your eyes.

At January 20, 2006, Anonymous reva 

He's got very kind eyes (okay, eye at least:). I'm happy for you getting to spend so much time with him now!

At January 20, 2006, Blogger Crystal 

You and your brother have the same eye(s). The warmth and kindness must run throughout your family. I'm very happy you're getting to spend time like this with them.

At January 20, 2006, Blogger Nightmare 

I love that Jack Johnson song too!!

At January 20, 2006, Anonymous candoor 

just found this and catching up... so happy to still be able to read you and know you are well, though missing your togetherness with Eric (I can only image your heart is holding it's breath until you can be together in touches again... remember though, you are together in ways no one else can be for you share the energy of your love, unique to you two... at least that's what I'd be telling myself most sincerely and hoping I'd believe it in spite of the loneliness :}

wonderful that you have the camera and are committed to a photo a day blog... stay strong, even more, stay real - for that keeps you beautiful and able to handle all the changes... you are greatly admired for your candor, compassion, and creativity... and your relationship keeps hope for love alive :)

At January 20, 2006, Anonymous Eric 

Eric said...

My love,

I hope you are surviving the rollercoaster-ride of live.
Whatever happens in my life I know you are the rock I can always count on, whether I am right or wrong. You are my refuge. I want to thank the Universe and don't known how. There is nothinng to say, exept: I love You, and thank you! for being there for me in my hour of weakness ...and always!
I love you, always..and forever!

At January 21, 2006, Blogger Stacia 

I'm so glad you're able to spend time with your brother. I know what it's like to feel like you might lose your brother (physically and emotionally) and how grateful I was when I realized he was an even better person than he had been before, despite all he had been through. I'm glad you also know he's going to make it.