Thursday, January 12, 2006
An amazing day
On New Years, 5 A.M. I was attacked on the street. I struggled and ran away from the man without my purse. I was left without my passport, any form of identification, and my digital camera. We called the police, they came to our house. It was a huge mess. I was devasted for days over this event.

Today we received a letter from the Cityhall lost and found. My bag had been discovered and turned in.

With an exception of the 75 Euros that had been removed from my wallet. Everything was still there. The most amazing discovery is that my camera wasn't stolen. I can't get over it!

The world isn't such a horrible place after all. I have an entirely new outlook.
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At January 12, 2006, Anonymous Dawn 

I'm so happy that your bag was returned!