Monday, January 16, 2006
The old horse

It's amazing how you can look at something and flashes of memories will come back to you in a huge rush. I just went outside in our backyard for a cigarette. I was bundled up in a coat, standing in the backyard from my childhood. I looked at the deck, the fence, the slope that we used to sled down, the spot where our pool used to be, our old clubhouse.

I looked at this horse and all the memories came back. I saw myself on it at age 9. I would see how high I could go and then push my little brother on it. My sister used to scream with laughter when we both pushed her. She would clutch the wooden handle with dear life..

Now it's old, the rope is torn and no one has gotten on that thing in years.

We'll probably be taking the whole swing set down pretty soon.

It felt like just yesterday.

I put out my cigarette and walked back inside the house.
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At January 18, 2006, Anonymous Ashley 

That looks like my own childhood horse swing. I know what you mean about memories coming back to you like that!

At January 19, 2006, Blogger Kathleen 

So sad that you have to take it down! Can't you just replace the rope? I know that if it were summer and I were you (and the rope was replaced) that I would have tried it out.