Sunday, July 22, 2007
San Francisco - Day 4
I woke up this morning feeling sad.

It's our last day.

Eric and I grabbed our morning coffee at a cafe called "The Nook" and drank it on the roof.

We sat there for a long time afterwards and gazed at the city of San Francisco.

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John was feeling low.

The weather began to change. It grew colder and more window. The apartment walls creaked and the wind from the open window blew papers off of John's desk.

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It looked almost eerie and surreal. The tufts of thick clouds rolling over the city..

We spent most of the day inside John's apartment, talking...

Later on in the afternoon, I cleaned up the flat. It was a a bit messy from 3 nights of non-stop partying. Eric and John did some laundry. We also did some grocery shopping.

This was not a day for sightseeing. We had deeper issues to discuss about future...

There was an overwhelming feeling of melancholy in the air.

As the evening progressed, the mood improved. We stayed up all night talking. We decided not to sleep because we had to leave so early in the morning to catch the flight back to New York.

We ended up laughing so hard my sides ached and tears spilled down my cheeks. It involved a cat falling off a cabinet. It's a long story...

It was such a fun night.

Saying goodbye was hard. The taxi arrived too quickly and we were rushing down the stairs with our luggage. We had to say our goodbye's so quickly...

But sometimes that's easier than drawing it out painfully.

Even though we know we'll be back in September, it was difficult to leave. We sat in the taxi and watched John's apartment disappear as we turned the corner. The streets were filled with fog.

My eyes filled with tears.

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I'm so glad we made this trip.
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At July 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous 

It sounds like this was a wonderful trip for all of you. Thanx for sharing these pictures and stories from your visit. I can't wait to go to California in December! -S

At July 29, 2007, Anonymous Jason 

Your lucky that the fog didn't come until the last day of your trip. I went to San Francisco last year and every day it was foggy! I couldn't see anything. thats a perfect view.

At July 29, 2007, Blogger Gab 

I'm so glad you went, and so glad you totally know it's the right decision. AND, once in SanFran, if you feel yourself getting stressed and wondering if you really did make the right choice, look back to this time and remember. You did. ^_^

At July 30, 2007, Blogger Kathleen 

You'll find more use for your scarves in SF than you did in NY, if you can believe it! Can't wait to knit you more. September and October are beautiful months there, weather-wise, so it was a smart move moving your move up.

There's something about SF that requires you to stay up all night before a flight. My brother does it all the time, as he lives in Santa Clara and when he comes home, he inevitably stays up all night before returning to his now home.

At July 31, 2007, Blogger candoor 

I'm so glad you made the trip to... because you record life so well... and your record took me back to when I lived out there (in Monterey)... sweet memories...

I miss the atmosphere...

thanks for being so consistently inspiring :)

At August 11, 2007, Blogger mamacita chilena 

Hey Clarity, my name's Kyle. I'm /pinkhatphotography on Flickr. I saw you put a link up to your blog so I thought I'd stop by and say hi since I'm on blogger too. I'm so if I can't get my Clarity fill on Flickr I'll be able get it on Blogger :)

take care!