Sunday, February 19, 2006
Playing nurse
Now He's sick.

This morning Eric woke up congested, with a sore throat and a fever. He was sweating and moaning in bed. "I'm dying..", He whispered dramatically, looking over at me with wide eyes. I stroked his forehead and sat by his side.

I pulled out the box of cough & cold medicine and popped out two pills from the casing. "Okay..Take two of these", I said "I'm going to get some water"



"I don't need to take those chemicals into my body to mask my flu symptoms. I can handle it"

I sighed "Don't you want to feel better?", I asked opening his hand and putting the pills in his palms "Just take the meds"

"You're such a drug pusher", He said smiling and reluctantly taking them.

"Uh huh. Yep, that's me"

Now remember, this is coming from:

30 minutes later, Eric was our of bed, blasting Ray Charles and dancing around the livingroom.

"Honey..", I said approaching him cautiously "Maybe you should take it easy"

"I feel great!" He grabbed me, pulled me close and began dipping me around the room.

"riiight...but you still have a fever, It's just the pain medication kicking in. I think you should lie down"

He picked up his trombone and began playing. I sat on the sofa and watched him in amusement. I just shook my head.

It didn't take long before he was back on the sofa, coughing and blowing his nose again. Now I'm playing nurse. Making him lemon tea, Hot Gulash soup and purchasing supplies at the kiosk. I've been reading to him and we've been watching television together. I hope he feels better soon. I wish he didn't get my sickness. I was praying that he wouldn't but I guess it was inevitable. I hope his body fights it off a little bit better than mine did...

Seeing Eric so sick and vulnerable always causes a slight pang of fear to run through me. It's moments like this that It fully hits me how intensely I love him. If anything ever happened to him....

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At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

awwww:( I hope Eric feels better soon.

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Vicola 

Poor Eric, colds and flu are the nastiest thing ever! M had flu last month and spent 4 days lying on the sofa groaning that he was dying and requesting non-stop glasses of hot blackcurrant juice. Hope he gets better soon and that things sort themselves out for you two, I've got my fingers crossed for jobs for you!! Love Vicola

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Amy 

Hope Eric is feeling better soon. That is hilarious that he was dancing and playing the trombone.

As for Percy...I think he DOES need some therapy. He is one interesting dog. Hope he's doing OK, too.

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous becka 

hi.. i found you via the comment you left in myownjourney's diary..thank you..i've bookmarked you so i can come back and read about you and your life :)

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous reva 

Holy crap!! I didn't know Eric played the trombone, let alone when he's congested! How did his face not explode???

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

Oh no! Poor Eric AND Percy!!! I hope Eric gets to feeling better soon. Please keep us updated on Percy. Poor little guy!

At February 20, 2006, Blogger Nightmare 

WOW Percy has some serious issues! I hope the little guy is ok!

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous alice 

I laughed out loud at Eric dancing and playing the can tell he rarely takes medication if that is how it hits him! My first thought was "oh he's going to crash" I hope he feels better as soon as possible!
I know Ill sound like a crack pot but perhaps Percy needs to see an animal communicator, because the poor darling seems to have some issues. Most likely he's acting out because he feels the stress and tension in the house. Does he still live with your sister? Or was that temporary?

Hope everyone is feeling better!

At February 20, 2006, Blogger warcrygirl 

Poor Eric, I hope he feels better soon. Get him some chicken and rice soup, stat! And Percy? Egads! I'm glad he's better.

At February 20, 2006, Blogger Octavia 

Wow, I hope Percy and Eric both get better soon, and that his mental state becomes stable (Percy that is, not Eric, haha).
Thanks so much for the template link, now I have a layout that will fit my photos.
Also I wanted to know if you know any good books you could recommend me... I've rediscovered my bookwormish ways and am dying for new material, even though I have more than three books on the go, hah. :)

At February 20, 2006, Blogger Crystal 

Oh my! I couldn't stop laughing at Eric dancing around and playing the trombone! I didn't even know he could play! I imagine that was a site to see. lol

I do hope that Eric gets to feeling better soon! As for Percy... Poor little guy. I'm glad he's ok.

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Napoléon 

Percy mon pote,

I undersand zee difficulties of beeing cute all zee time. But you must be a man about zeees pressures. Suicide ees for poodles.

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Jen 

Ugh, I hate it when we pass colds between us, we even go out of our way to avoid each other and the other one still gets it. Hope Eric is feeling better soon! As for Percy, lol, he is so dramatic, it cracks me up! I hope he is ok and doggie therapy may be what he is needing.. I've heard some good things about it, surprisingly, but man is it high dollar! I really hope the job situation works out, please keep us posted! If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask, I'm here for you!

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Laura 

my dog does not need therapy!!! he didn't even eat the whole container, he probably ate around 5 and we dont even know for sure how many if any. We were just being sure and he puked twice. He just eats ANYTHING he finds, and this time it happened to be tylenol. Hes a good puppy and hes happy now.

At February 21, 2006, Anonymous Clarity 

Laura, I'm sorry about the Canine Therapy comment. I deleted it. I just wrote that when I FIRST heard about the situation, I was worried sick and I didn't know all the details yet. I just put in a new update explaining it. He IS a good puppy, I agree and I'm glad he's alright!:)

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes for both Eric AND Percy.

And to answer Reva's question. Yes Eric plays the trombone. He's been playing since age 12. He was in a big band in his early twenties. He's quite good.

And he's feeling a lot better today.