Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Conversations at 2:48 A.M.
When Eric first saw me at the airport terminal, his first words after our embrace and kiss was "I love you".

He never mentioned my haircut!, So last night we were lying in bed in the darkness and I brought it up. Here's a glimpse into one of our random late night half-asleep conversations.

Me:"Okay, So what do you really think of my haircut?"

Him: "*mumbling* um...your haircut? I don't know, to be honest.. it looks the same to me"

Me: "WHAT?! (sitting in straight in bed and peering down at him) How can you say that?!"

Him: "I..what? that the wrong answer? "

Me: "I cut off half of my hair!!"

Him: "Hmmmm" He reached out and caressed my neck, he ran his fingers up my hair..

Me: "Do you notice anything is missing?"

Him: "Missing?..."

Me: " ponytale?"

Him: "Oh yeah..that thing"

Me: "That THING???"

Him: "*laughing* What do you want me to say?? that I miss it? I mean, It wasn't like your ponytale played a big role in our relationship or anything...*clears his throat* but a moment of silence for our loss"

Me: *Shoving him and laughing*

Him: "What??? You're haircut looks fine..You don't have to feel insecure.I mean, c' could shave off all of your hair and look beautiful. It doesn't matter to me. I don't care what you do with your hair. I love you"

Me: that's not true. You hated it when I dyed my hair red last year"

Him: "It was the color of bright fresh BLOOD...when you came out of the shower, it was like blood was coming out of your scalp! It was an awful awful red. "

Me: "What about brown?"

Him: "No...well maybe certain shades would work for you"

Me: "Which shades?"

Him: "You want me to name them? I don't work at Revlon or anything"

Me: "Black?"

Him: "Definitely not. Look, before you make your next hair color career move...just run it by me and we'll discuss it"

Me: "But I thought you didn't care"

Him: "I don't...How did I get pulled into this pointless conversation at the first place, we could be...Damn, is it already 2:48?"

Me: "Wasn't it 1:00 just a second ago?"

Him: "Listen, I love your hair cut"

Me: "Now that's the right answer"

Him: "It was so different, I thought: "Is THAT my wife?? No..No... It couldn't be, it's just such a drastic change... I must collect myself and act normal...but I'm so so shocked...I mustn't betray it on my face..."

Me: *laughing* Okay!! Sarcasm noted!

Him: "I love you"

Me: "I love you too...but stop doing that..".

Him: "What?"

Me: "that thing with your know I'm ticklish"

Him: "What this??"


Unfortunately when we did fall asleep, I woke up again from a nightmare at 5:30. So right now... I'm exhausted and completely drained.

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