I should have known better than to go to "The Lemon Tree" to get my haircut. I just thought: "It's affordable, I don't need to make an appointment. I'll be in and out. I have an exact photograph of what I want... What can go wrong? It's such a simple cut!"

But as soon as I saw my hairdresser motion for me to come to the chair. I knew I should have bolted in the opposite direction. She was about 75 years old, hunched over and with big glasses that made her eyes ten times their usual size. She looked a bit like Olympia Dukakis. I watched her hands tremble as she reached for something on her table. "What can I do for you today, sweetie?"

I had printed out the hairstyle that I wanted and I showed it to her. She squinted at the image. She adjusted the glasses on the bridge of her nose and turned the page around slightly. "hmm.. So you just want me to cut your hair then?"

"Yes..I .."

She tossed aside the picture I had provided and then just started at it. She had a vision in her mind and it was not the same as mine.

I tried not to look too disappointed when she turned me cheerfully towards the mirror. Sure, you could say "gamine-like" or "British mod". But... lets just say it's bad. I look like a little boy, or maybe a pixie on crack. She cut so much off, I didn't want that. Just the back cut mostly and the length in the front to remain long. I bit my lip and glanced at my hairdresser in the mirror reflection. She looked so proud and eager to see a pleased expression from me, so I forced a smile.

My Mother started cracking jokes as soon as I returned, My brother started laughing. I contemplated shooting myself in the head but then I read Tenshi's comment. Hair grows back. Simple as that.

I'm sorry. I wont be providing a picture of this new cut for your viewing pleasure but if you know the film "Rosemary's baby" - than you have an idea what I'm working with. I'm also blond again.

However, last night I went through some old slides with my mother. There were a number of baby pictures that Eric hasn't seen yet...and that I've never shown anyone outside of my family. It's hard for me to post baby pics because I wasn't the cutest baby. I had fat cheeks, pouty face and massive blond curls. I was rather sullen and contemplative. I mostly sat quietly, looked worried and just colored in my art pad. Not only do I look different from my other siblings, I have a completely different temperament from all of them.

I have to log off and work on my project. My Grandmother is ill and I'm painting a flower still life for her. Whether or not I can pull off a decent oil painting in ONE DAY is up for debate, but I'm enjoying the challenge and I know she'll love it.

Eric: I love you honey. I hope you don't shrink away in horror at my new cut. Call me before six. I'll be going out with Ingrid tonight and picking up Laura + Mr. Big at the train station. Only 3 more days until we're together again...
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At February 03, 2006, Blogger JulieU. 

I've had my share of really bad short hair cuts and all I can say is get yourself some pomade (sp?) or the following products: Wax Works or Bed Head Manipulater by Tigi. You can find them at your local drugstore. They make short choppy styles managable. They're waxy products so you don't need much but it is so worth it. Um, yeah, 75 yr old hair dressers are never a good idea. Now if you had gone there for a 'set' (ol' lady do) you would have been ok.

At February 03, 2006, Anonymous Celine 

I'm sure it's not so bad. I had one of those pixie-cuts too. It grows out pretty fast. You were a cute baby, I had no idea your hair was so curly as a baby because it looks so different now! Send me your new haircut in an E-mail, I'm dying to see it.

At February 03, 2006, Anonymous alice 

Listen to Julieu..get ye some wax.
and just work it. In 3 weeks it will have grown out a bit and itll be cute as heck.
Its not like your hideous...quite the opposite from the photo Ive seen..so you probably look fine and are just in an exteme state of shock.
In beauty school I melted my hair..yes melted..turned all but about an inch or two into mush..peachy coloured mush at that.
We had to cut all but about an inch off. Of course the solution worked on the undamaged part so that one inch stood straight up...imagine a monshishi..except worse.
Now I had in my younger years shaved my head. But I was also really really skinny, but with my new monshi do' I had gained a bit of weight and my face was round and it was such a horrible look.

Just be thankful you didnt go in to get something pierced.

I dont understand why you would think you werent an adorable baby! Perfect babies are suppose to have chubby pouty faces and curls!

I especially like the one where your "wearing" a suit jacket..it just looks so angelic and surreal like a really old photo.

I still think you should post a photo of the hair...it just cannot be that bad.
Ill post a photo of my melted monshishi do.
or a photo of my at my highest weight.
OR a photo of me with no eyebrows and a shaved head.
OR a photo of me wearing a black toque, sunglasses, and a mailman work cover alls at an all ages club.
anyhow I still bet you 10 dollars that you look super cute anyhow.

At February 03, 2006, Anonymous fifi 

You were an adorable little girl, and having seen the baby pics you posted a while back of Eric, I can see that your children will be eye-blisteringly cute!
I do feel for you re the haircut, old lady hairdressers probably do still visualise Mia Farrow when anyone asks for a short cut! Get Eric to cut your hair next time, he's an artist, and he knows you better than anyone else! (I bet you *do* actually look fab...)

At February 03, 2006, Anonymous Eric 

Oh you had me cracking up with that hairdresser story. I feel like I know exactly what you are talking about. I never trust cheap hairdressers anymore. Maybe that old lady couldn't see well enough to know that you were a girl, when she saw how short your hair already was, she automatically thought that you must be a boy. Then you showed her the pictured and she thought:ohmy! One of those ungodly metro-sexuals, I'll get that boy a decent haircut that'll please his teacher. I don't know!

You were such a cute baby. I have no idea what you are talking about. And most importantly, that little baby developed into one of he most beautyful women that walk this planet. Plus you just ooze beauty from inside.

I love you soooooomuch....Only three days!!!!!!!!!

At February 03, 2006, Blogger Stacia 

I'm sorry you didn't get the cut you wanted. I'm a broke grad student, but I spend more than a $100 every time I go. It is so worth it. But, it will grow back.

And, you were a beautiful little girl. I also had a totally different personality than my siblings, but there's also a huge age difference between all of us (I'm almost 32, my brother is 26 and my sister is 19). The differences are what make us special ;).

I hope your grandma gets better. I'm sure she'll love the picture, because that's what grandmas do.

At February 03, 2006, Blogger Tara 

Do what I do when I get a bad hair cut, wear a hat!!

At February 03, 2006, Anonymous Jenn 

My grandmother always used to tell me this: The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is 2 weeks. And why do you say you weren't a cute baby? You were! Riley has a pouty/sullen/serious look most of the time too. I still think he is cute. Of course, I am his mother. ;)

At February 04, 2006, Anonymous Heeland Lass 

Ach! I totally forgot about this new journally thing you're got going. What was I thinking?!?!?! I've MISSED you!! I cannot believe Percy attacked you - how's it been since the face off? And did you get the CD I sent you? I posted it to Germany just before christmas, let me know..there was Bandito's best doors album in there too. And are you still reading Diaryland even if you're not updating there? I feel really out of your loop!

Anyway - here's my answers to your wee quiz thingy:

1. name:
Heeland Lass

2. birthday:
30 November

3. place of residence:

4. what makes you happy:
Bandito, food, wine, good company

5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:
The Stooges

6. an interesting fact about you:
I miss you Clarity!!

7. are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
Always in love with Bandito

8. favorite place to be:
In bed

9. favorite lyric:
Hmmm. '2 lumps please, you're the bees knees and so am I'

10. best time of the year:
From 30 November till 31 December

11. strangest food you like:
Cold beans

12. biggest fear:
Growing old

13. biggest ambition:
Being happy forever

Part 2 - I'm really interested in your answers to this one. I'm in America, So I have access to all the english books and movies. I want to bring some back to Germany. Any recommendations are really appreciated.

1. a film: Motorcycle Diaries (you'll love it Clarity)

2. a book: Philip Pullman 'Northern Lights'

3. a band: Aim (Clarity I SERIOUSLY recommend you get some of their stuff, especially the albums 'Hinterland' and 'Cold Water Music' I think you'll really love them....

4. a song: Marlena Shaw 'California Soul' or Mamas & Papas 'Dream a little dream'


5. an album: The Libertines 'The Libertines'

Besos, Clarity. Don't be a stranger xxxx

At February 06, 2006, Anonymous Amy 

Sorry the haircut didn't work out the way you wanted. BUT you have a good attitude...hair does grow back. I think you were an adorable little kid! Your curls are so cute. Is your hair still curly?

I hope your grandmother is OK.

At February 07, 2006, Anonymous xanti 

Oh, I know plenty about getting bad haircuts. The same thing happened to me the summer after my freshman year...I went to one of my Mom's hairdresser friends looking for an edgy cut. I, too, took a picture, but to no avail. I ended up with something completely off the wall. I had to fill my hair full of styling gunk for the next month or two to make it look decent. But it will grow! I promise. In the mean time, one thing you need to get: hair wax or pomade. Do NOT use hair glue. That stuff takes forever to wash out. Take care!

At February 16, 2006, Blogger Kathleen 

I know this is way late, but one thing I never stress about it is a short hair cut. A bad hair cut with steps and different lengths on either side? Yes, bad. But short? It'll grow and you are so cute that I have to think that you look adorable in a pixie-cute. Of course, I'm prejudiced since I have short hair. ;-)

And you were an adorable baby - babies are supposed to have fat cheeks!!!