Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When I opened my mother's closet this afternoon, I noticed a big box filled with my old trophies. They were covered in dirt, dust and some where broken off from their mountings. I dusted one off and peered at the date. 1st Place Art Competition 1985.

It brought back all of these memories.

I remembered sitting in that big auditorium with other parents and students on a school day evening. I was twisting the awards schedule around in my hands. My feet didn't reach the ground because the chairs were so tall. My legs just dangled. I was wearing thick knitted white stockings that itched terribly, a scratchy plaid skirt, and navy blue Mary Janes. My dirty blond hair was secured in two braids falling over my shoulders.

I hated these award ceremonies. I dreaded the moment when my name was called. Everyone would turn in their seats to look at me. My mother would give me a gentle nudge and have a huge smile. I remember walking down the aisle and stepping up awkwardly onto the stage. The principle handed me the trophy while I was looking down. He turned me towards the audience and everyone politely clapped. Then I rushed back to my seat.

The only reason I participated in the art contests every year was for the new art supplies my mother purchased beforehand. I had to go through that awful ceremony every year until 7th grade.

For a while all the Art trophies were displayed proudly on the mantel place, but they were replaced with Laura, Jay and Amber's trophies in the fields of art, literature, sports and science.

So now my Trophies are in this box. A pile of memories of a time long gone.

I dropped the trophy back down and turned off the closet light.

This house is filled with memories. Some good and some bad. It's always going to be home no matter how far I travel. It's strange to think that in 2 months, I'll be bidding Europe farewell and living here again... but this time with Eric.


Eric: I loved your E-mail...
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At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Emily 

I have a box of trophies like that too. They also have a lady with wings and a long dress. Mine were plastic though and awards for writing. So you were making art even back when you were a wee child, huh?:)

At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Steph (Khya) 

I too have a box of trophies, mine were for art and sports, most for sports, i used to be a semi-pro swimmer. They are all hidden away now, somewhere with the newspaper clippings etc. Yeah, time passes, we grow older (and wiser), but home will always be home, even if our old trophies are replaced by new ones. Bye!

At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Jenn 

I always hated those award ceremonies too. I never won anything for art. Mine were always academic... mostly science and math. If I wasn't a total "freak" in high school, I would have been a total geek. Either way, I wasn't "cool" haha.

At February 02, 2006, Blogger Nick 


At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Dawn 

I agree with what Steph said. She put it well. Man you have a lot of trophies though, maybe you can sell them for cash:)

At February 02, 2006, Blogger Crystal 

I also have a box of trophies (and ribbons). Mine were for dance and for baton twirling. I loved dance. I loved the recitals, the competitions, I loved everything about it. I hated the competitions for baton twirling though. I also hated marching in the parades! My biggest fear was I'd throw my baton up and trip, hit someone in the head, or fall and cause a dominoe affect. None of that ever happened thank goodness! I still have my baton from back in the day. And surprisingly enough, I can still do some of the tricks.

At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Eric 

I loooooove that photograph. It's so poignant.

It actually looks the same way a photograph would look if you pointed your lense into a random direction in Prague. The signs of decay and chaos taking over what was once arranged with pride.

Aren't you glad though those remnants of elementary glory are still around. It's like someone had pointed you early on into the right direction. Now you just need to shed the ridiculous aspects of giving out trophies for art and carve out the certainty that art is something that is part of you, the dowry you were given at birth. One less thing to worry about having to obtain...

Love much

P.S.: Why didn't I receive asingle trophy all my life????? Is the possesion of a mantelpiece a prerequisite? - That must be it! - At least I have a trophy wife ;))))))))))

At February 02, 2006, Blogger Nightmare 

Coming home always felt weird to me but Now that I don't have a "home" to come home two it is even weirder! wait until that happens god forbid. Then the new house has no memories, it is almost like it is just a shell.