Saturday, August 05, 2006
Pet Profile: Percy

I realized that my pet files wouldn't be complete without mentioning our most beloved and well-known member of the family...


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He's 42 years old..(in dog years) and going through a mild mid-life crisis. He's not the smartest of our pets, but we love him to pieces.

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If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you'll already know that he's been in and out of the hospital. He has a problem. He eats everything in sight. Cigarette butts, chocolate cookies, candy and Aspirin. He'll push the kitchen chair across the room to reach the counters, so we can't leave anything within his range.

If you try to remove his "finds" from him, he flips out like a raging lunatic. After he regains his sanity, he whimpers in remorse at his behavior. He just can't help himself.

We have to keep an eye on him.

Otherwise, He is a fun-loving, big-hearted pug and will defend the members of his family to the point of potential death. He's famous on the streets of Manhattan. Passerbys greet him by name and surround him every time he is taken out for a walk. He loves the attention. His tongue hangs out and his tail wags on superspeed. He enjoys wearing outfits and prancing around the house.

Percy is single though and lonely.

He's so desperate that he tries to get it on with the cats. Fiona doesn't seem to mind (and it's disturbing...), but Michael has a serious problem with it. Percy has gotten a few swipes of the claw when he tried to get his groove on.

So as a joke, My sister and I set up a MYSPACE page for him. We hoped it would help him find some "female companions"


It's pretty sad when your DOG has more friends on than you do....Who knew there were so many other pugs looking for love out there in Cyberspace?

Now we're trying to teach him to talk.

Here's a clip from David Letterman. He introduced a pug that can say "I love you"

So we thought.. Percy can do that too. We gave it a shot... Here's the footage of my sister trying to teach Percy how to say "I love you"

He has a ways to go. You have to give him credit though... he's really trying. Give him a few weeks. We'll have him speaking full sentences in no time.


On further random news. We have a garden in our backyard and it's finally producing vegetables

Here is a photo of our first stunning achievement.

note: It's a cucumber.

On a closing note... My Mother is in Europe right now. My father has leave from Iraq and he was waiting for her in Rome. They are traveling through Rome, Venice, Florence and Prague. It's a two week trip. I'm so happy for her, she's been dreaming about this her whole life

That's all for now.
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At August 05, 2006, Anonymous GdP 

Dude, I've been trying to teach Napoléon how to talk, too!!! (He goes crazy whenever I play the sound clip for him). Percy has impressive "tongue reach."

At August 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous 

Percy is too cute. I love the video clip! I added him as a friend on MYSPACE. His page made me laugh! (Great music choice! lol)

At August 05, 2006, Blogger Brandy 

He almost says it! Maybe the tongue at the end is dog sign language for "you"!
I'm not suppose to be laughing as I have a mud mask on!
I'll be sure to add Percy to my myspace!

My dog will sing along if you play harmonica.

At August 05, 2006, Anonymous lily 

lol reminds me of the talking cats

At August 06, 2006, Blogger Octavia 

That may be the oddest cucumber I have ever seen.
Soon enough you'll be going at into the garden and saying, "Oh my god! How did Bill Clinton get into our shrubbery?" And you'll go on tv with all these vegetables looking like celebrities.
Percy is such a pimp, check out all those bitches at the bottom of his top 8! And check out my amazing pun skillz! hahahaa
I hope you're all having fun without the rents around! (Yes, I realise none of you are under 10. I'll shut up now)

At August 06, 2006, Anonymous jenn 

What kind of fertilizer are you using over there? Haha.

At August 07, 2006, Blogger kschic 

That's a CUCUMBER??

At August 07, 2006, Blogger Kathleen 

Nice cucumber. We always had a garden growing up and we had many a cucumber that looked like that. Enjoy the fresh veggies!

Now I'm off to add Percy to my Friends list at

At August 07, 2006, Blogger The Queen 

Oh MY GOD. I could not stop laughing after watching that David Letterman video and then watching Percy try to do it. That is hysterical. I love it! xoxo - me

At August 11, 2006, Anonymous Celine 

The greatest part about the clip of Percy is how after he speaks he sticks his tongue out! That is bloody hysterical!